Strava unveils new premium feature

Strava has unveiled a new premium product feature named ‘Relative Effort’.

The application’s heart-rate metric gives the user a fresh take on measuring intensity. Tracking weekly fitness trends, comparing efforts across sports and finding optimum training patterns can all be achieved through the feature.

Relative Effort provides meaning and context to an athlete’s performance, including a week-by-week timeline, which plots an athlete’s weekly total Relative Effort through time, an insight module that offers straightforward insights into athlete’s data as well as a few short sentences that summarise their training and a breakdown module, which shows athletes what their week consisted of, and where the majority of cardiovascular stress / benefit came from.

Relative Effort also provides insights on HR training, offers exercise guidance and helps athletes build fitness over time.

The feature is available to Strava Premium members at the price of £5.99 per month.

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