Strava reveals data for 2016

Strava, the athlete led social media network, has published its annual End of Year Insights report for the UK.

The unique statistics provide an unparalleled insight into the trends and behaviours of Britain’s cyclists.

In 2016 9.6 activities were uploaded to Strava every second. This has increased from 5.3 activities per second in the previous year. The platform’s global community of athletes generated billions of data points, which equates to over 60,400 years worth of cumulative activity time.

Across Strava’s global platform, cyclists shared a total of 161 million rides in 2016. Members clocked up a total of over 5.8 Billion kilometres in the last 12 months, with an accumulated elevation of 55 billion metres. This equates to over 8,000 trips from the earth’s core to its surface.

In the UK, cycling uploads continued to grow steadily, with users logging over 24.7 million individual rides and 800 million kilometres in that time. The average journey undertaken by a male in the UK was 41 kilometres per ride, with the women averaging around 34 kilometres. Whereas a sizeable difference is noted in average ride length, women and men showed only a marginal difference in ride time, averaging 1hr 44min for women compared to 1hr 53min for men.

Strava also revealed that London was the most active location in the UK, with 4.4 million rides logged in 12 months. The capital shows a considerable margin of difference compared to its nearest rival West Yorkshire, which totalled 915,489 activities.

Commuting was another area in which the UK’s statistics were particularly impressive. An average of 223,376 rides were recorded as commutes to and from places of work every week. An average speed of 22.4 kilometres-per-hour was recorded for commutes; the average commute length was 13.5 kilometres.

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