Steve Peat talks to BikeBiz about Peaty’s Products

There are few in the world of cycling who don’t know the name Steve ‘ Sheffield Steel’ Peat. The name resonates within the mountain bike community the world over and is synonymous with pure skill and energy. Having set the cycling world ablaze with his unique style of riding, Peat has now turned his attention to creating the products that will keep him riding in the future. Peaty’s Products is a new venture with distibutor Greeover that was announced today – we sat down with Peat to discuss the new venutre. 

Can you tell us about the new product?
Yeah, we started off with Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant; I got my head together with Tom Makin who rides for my Steve Peat Syndicate and Bryn Morgan. Basically, Bryn is a product development guy and Tom is the scientist behind the development of the products. The Sealant was our initial product, being Biodegradable was also high on our priorities which we achieved straightaway. We then decided to add the Nano-platelets for the bigger holes – they basically work like platelets in the blood and help to clot the flow if a hole appears. Next came the Loam Foam, it was kind of a natural progression into our foamy cleaner and to be honest, it smells mint!! Haha.

And if we’re correct a larger range will see the light of day in the near future?
Yes, we’re constantly drinking a few beers and talking about what is the next thing needed to make bike riders lives easier and happier. Loads of ideas get bashed about the more beers we drink, so there is plenty in the pipeline.

What inspired you to delve into product creation?
It’s something I have thought about for years and also worked with some of the companies who have sponsored me over the years to develop new ideas. I felt the time was right to bring new and fun ideas to the masses.

How did you set about designing the products?
Basically, we’re all riders and we’re on the ground talking to other riders and racers. We asked plenty of questions and tested loads of versions with numerous people. It’s a process of elimination to be able to come out with market leading products.

How is the company going so far?
Awesome, we’re overwhelmed with the response so far and we’ve managed to set up some really cool distributors in great countries around the World and we’re happy to be able to build with them for the future.

How did the partnership with Greenover come about?
Myself and Martin Murray have been friends for many years now, and he used to race BMX with my wife from a very young age so we go way back together. He’s a person that I’ve always wanted to work with and now he’s with Greenover it was a great opportunity to get it on! They’re a forward thinking company that want to grow with us and together, the fit was spot on.

Will developing Peaty’s Products be your main goal for the near future?
I’m still heavily involved with Santacruz and my main focus is to help them build as a brand and keep spreading the great products and experience that they bring to the MTB World. I’ll also be working on Peaty’s with the lads in my spare time.

Will we see further product development and further lines in the future?
Yes, that’s the plan. So long as it’s fun and friendly and is going to improve on what’s already out there, we will keep plugging away.

Thanks Steve!
Cheers Guys.

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