Stan’s NoTubes reveals new carbon rims

Stan’s NoTubes has released the new Grail CB7 and Grail MK3 rims and wheelsets.

The 300g Grail CB7 rim is designed for 25-40mm tyres and a maximum pressure of 85 psi/5.9 bar. Developed specifically for tubeless tires and disc brakes, the Grail CB7 uses Stan’s patented low-profile rim shape.

The Grail CB7’s 21.6mm internal rim width creates a more stable base and optimises tyre shape for improved cornering stability and handling. The shape of the Grail CB7 keeps larger tires from folding over on the rim, even under the lower pressures and hard cornering of cyclocross and gravel races. The Grail CB7’s rim shape also prevents tire pinch flats.

Incorporating Stan’s radial impact absorbing carbon technology, the Grail CB7’s low-profile shape and proprietary carbon layup work together to absorb road vibrations and distribute impact.

The Grail MK3 is designed for 25-40mm tyres and a max pressure of 110 psi/7.6 bar. Based on the original Grail rim shape, the new MK3 rim features lighter and stronger 6069 aluminium construction and weighs 440g.

Slightly narrower than the carbon CB7 model, the Grail MK3’s 20.3mm internal rim width and reinforced, low-profile sidewalls are built to handle the higher pressures of tubeless road tires, low-pressure tubeless converted tires and conventional tires with tubes.

Complete Grail CB7 wheelset options include a 1,277g Pro model featuring Stan’s precision CNC-machined Neo Ultimate Speedsync hubs with hardened steel ratchet and rapid five-degree engagement, Sapim Laser spokes and Sapim Secure Lock alloy nipples. The 1,360g Grail CB7 Team wheelset includes Neo Durasync hubs with 10-degree engagement, Sapim Force spokes and Sapim Secure Lock alloy nipples.

The Grail MK3 will be offered in a single wheelset weighing 1,675g and featuring Neo Durasync hubs, Sapim Laser spokes and Sapim Secure Lock alloy nipples.

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