Stage Intelligence’s AI platform to be deployed in bike-share scheme in Paris

Stage Intelligence, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform provider for Mobility and Logistics, has partnered with Smovengo, a consortium made up of Smoove, Moventia, Mobivia and Park Indigo, to deploy its BICO AI optimisation platform across the Velib in Paris.

The partnership will enable Smovengo to use AI to increase the usability of more than 21,000 bikes, of which 7,000 will be electric.

Smovengo will use BICO to collect and visualise data, automate processes and optimise working environments, resulting in “new efficiencies, cost reductions and a better bike-share experience”. Riders will be able to access bikes where and when they want them and find free docks at the end of their journey.

“Our partnership with Smovengo is a milestone in our business and we’re proud to be serving the largest Bike-Share Scheme in the Western World. It demonstrates BICO’s scalability, resiliency and ability to simplify a complex and dynamic scheme. This partnership shows that we can execute at the highest level,” said Tom Nutley, CEO at Stage Intelligence.

As part of the partnership, Stage Intelligence is expanding BICO’s features to include the management of e-bikes and hybrid bikes while also adding broken bike and user availability applications.

“The BICO AI optimisation platform enables us to drive operational efficiency while offering riders the best possible experience when they use our Bike-Share Scheme. This is a perfect recipe for growing the scheme and encouraging more riders to bike-share part of their daily commute,” said Pierre Heyraud, COO at Smovengo.

“We have already seen rides of six to ten per bike per day on our mechanical and e-bikes respectively. That benefits our organisation but more importantly it makes Paris a healthier and more sustainable city. We selected BICO because it unlocks the potential of data in our scheme and enables us to move faster to serve the needs of riders. It is an essential tool for optimising and growing a Bike-Share Scheme.”

Stage Intelligence has deployed BICO in Chicago, US, Guadlajara, Mexico, and Helsinki, Finland. Stage Intelligence was also selected by Tembici to deploy BICO in cities across Brazil including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife, Salvador, Port Alegre and Vila Velha. Phase two deployments include Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“There is tremendous momentum behind our platform and a growing number of organisations are seeing how AI can impact how they operate. Our platform is focused on simplifying and accelerating their operations and they see immediate results. That’s powerful for any organisation focused on Mobility and Logistics,” said Nutley.

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