235 years on, the family-run business remains in the UK. MD John Squire discusses innovating to break the spirit of thieves

Squire: ”Cycle security has become a particular area of expertise”

BikeBiz: For those that don’t know, tell us a bit about the Squire heritage:
John Squire, MD at Squire: Henry Squire & Sons has been at the forefront of international lock-making for over 235 years. The company was established in 1780 at the time of the Industrial Revolution, which drove the demand for locks.

Several world wars and eight generations of father and sons later, Squire is the only independent family-owned British lock manufacturer in the UK with unrivalled experience in lock-making. Technological innovation is our trademark. Today, cycle security is an area of expertise for us, producing some of the most innovative lock designs on the market.

What strength testing do prototypes endure prior to production?
All our cycle locks undergo rigorous internal testing and industry standard testing for Sold Secure. Our products are rated with the company’s official 15-stage security rating, showing at a glance the lock’s level of security from 1 (low) to 15 (maximum).

How important has it become to get a Sold Secure rating on products in recent years?
The huge increase in the number of urban cyclists in the UK, particularly in London, together with a dramatic increase in bike theft, means cyclists must be able to trust the overall quality and performance of their security.
Our aim is to provide the highest-level cycle security solution, which has a proven theft resistance against attack.
Squire’s Sold Secure ratings for our combination cycle locks is a first for these type of locks, and reflects the level of our commitment to producing the very best goods.

Our Snaplok was the UK’s first combination cycle lock to achieve Sold Secure ‘silver’ status, and a trailblazer for our combination cycle products. These now include our new Mako Combi range, which is world’s only integrated range of combination cycle products that have been awarded Sold Secure approval to Bronze and Silver standards.

Our Hammerhead Combi is the world’s first combination D lock to achieve Sold Secure Silver rating. These are higher security, higher quality combination locks than have ever been available before.

There seems to be a lot of innovative bike security products coming to market lately – what has your biggest development been in recent years?
The design of our patented Torq Driv technology in our combination cycle products is totally unique to Squire.
It’s very important for us to have patented products to establish market leadership. What makes our bike locks unique is Squire’s Torq Driv technology – a recoding mechanism that has been developed exclusively by our in-house designers to ensure that the lock cannot be accidentally recoded.

What are the current best sellers and products you’d recommend retailers take a good look at?
Squire’s bestsellers include our Snaplok, our new Mako Combi range and typically anything within our range of Sold Secure approved locks.

What stock in deals do your distributors offer? Is there any point of sale material to go alongside them?
Our main distributor in the UK is Raleigh, which offers point of sale merchandising stands and other POS material such as information boards and wobblers.

Combination locks seem to have become a big part of Squire’s line – a response to consumer demand or something else?
There is a marked increase in the number of sales for combination padlocks from consumers who are looking to invest in a more convenient, ‘no keys to lose’ security solution, and one in which they can trust.
That’s why there has never been a better time for us to set new standards in combination security.

It’s not just on the street security Squire is known for – do you have home security products for cyclists too?
Yes, Squire offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of market-leading security solutions to world-class standards for the home and business, as well as the two-wheel market. We make a vast range of general purpose padlocks and combination locks for home and garden security, travel and luggage, multi-purpose lock and chain sets, security cables, bolts, hasps and staples, and a host of security accessories, such as keysafes and wall and ground anchors to keep valuable bikes safe and secure.

How can a retailer take on Squire stock?
Contact our main distributors Raleigh, Bob Elliot and Coyote.

Why choose Squire over other labels?
We are at the forefront of lock technology. This includes our new advanced combination cycle locks, which reflect of our superior design capabilities.

All our products benefit from a ten-year guarantee, and we are proud to offer market-leading British designed products, which consumers can trust.


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