Rider-illuminating bike light to retail through 46 stores and website

Lightrider beams into Halfords

Lightrider, the bike light that illuminates the rider as well as the road, will be retailed in Halfords starting this autumn. 

The fresh faced brand only launched this year at the London Bike Show but has now found its way into 46 of Halfords’ larger stores and its revamped online retail site

Lightrider works on the principle that rider safety is improved by shining a light on the cyclist him or herself, with the majority (77 per cent) of road cycling accidents occuring at T-junctions when a car’s headlights are pointing away from the cyclist, the firm says.

Inventor Tudor Davies explained: ”Until now cyclists have been reliant on a car’s headlights to illuminate their fluorescent jackets, but Lightrider provides a cyclist with their own source of light. The team at Halfords understood this new concept straight away, and after road testing it, wanted to come on board.”

“This is an immense development for Lightrider, we are actively seeking other deals with the big chains but also Independent Bike Distributors to which we think Lightrider has much to offer.”

Plenty more information on the clever light at the official site – www.lightrider.co.uk

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