Square Mile cyclists urged to slow down by new “considerate cycling” campaign

Some cyclists travel too fast at peak times, the City of London Corporation points out, and its Road Danger Reduction team, in association with the London Cycling Campaign, is to promote “considerate cycling” awareness to help civilise the Square Mile. 500,000 people visit the City each day, the majority of them on foot. And bikes now far outnumber cars, but a minority of those riding through the City do so at speed, claims the new campaign.

Our message is simple – in the City, please ride at a speed where you can easily stop if a person walking happens to step out,” says a statement from the Corporation.

The statement claims that the recent work to get more people on bikes – such as banning cars from the Bank junction – “is under threat due to the behaviour of a small minority of irresponsible cyclists. Travelling over 10mph is simply not acceptable.”

The City of London Corporation recently carried out a travel survey that found that pedestrians in the Square Mile were wary of cyclists.

“In terms of danger the biggest issue is that some cyclists travel too fast for the crowded environment we experience at peak times,” said a Corporation statement, “and it must be expected that pedestrians may step out at any time.”

The statement added: “Attitudinal studies show that the majority of road users see cyclists as the biggest cause of concern. We are also seeing that collisions between pedestrians and cyclists are the cause of an increasing number of injuries, which is a priority to address since this type of collision tends to lead to two injuries, as both the pedestrian and cyclist are injured.

“Studies show that the vast majority of cyclists are responsible and polite, and we call on this silent majority to help us promote considerate cycling.”

The City’s considerate cycling campaign will be launched during the International Cycle History Conference which is being staged on three days next week in London’s Guildhall. On Wednesday 13th June there will be a panel discussion about the campaign, with experts (and me) discussing “Why do so many people have a problem with cyclists and what can be done about it?”

The discussion will be chaired by Alderman Alison Gowman and will feature:

Carlton Reid, editor at large, BikeBiz

Laura Laker, cycling journalist

Dr Rachel Lee of Living Streets

Dr Ashok Sinha of London Cycling Campaign

Jacqueline O’Donovan of O’Donovan Waste 


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