SQlab have just launched three new ergonomic handlebar products

SQlab introduces new ergonomic handlebars for MTB, trekking, and city

German component brand SQlab has launched a new range of ergonomic handlebars, targeting the MTB, trekking and city markets.

The three new bars, named the 310 for MTB touring, the 302 for trekking, and 321 for city/comfort, have been designed to reduce the number of possible handlebars shapes, while still offering quality construction. 

All three models have been tested to pass the German Zedler Institute strength test for downhill mountain bike standard, with a max system weight of 180kg. 

The 310 3.0 aluminium handlebar is targeted at the MTB tour and travel market, offering stability and comfort in an e-bike-ready product. 

SQlab 310 handlebar

The simple formula is that the more upright the riding position, the more backsweep and downsweep is required, according to SQlab. 18-degree backsweep ensures a straight transition from forearm to hand, shoulders and neck are relieved. 

SQlab 302 bar is designed for the trekking, again made from aluminium, with a 23-degree backsweep, and a 15-degree downsweep. 

The 302 handlebar for the trekking market

The 321 bar for city and comfort riding features a 35-degree bend for a natural arm position, along with a 20-degree downsweep to bring the elbows down to offer a more comfortable, natural riding position. 

SQlab 321 for city riders

SQlab said: “A clear, simple concept reduces the number of possible handlebar shapes and quality levels to just three handlebars for touring, trekking and comfort.

Quality and durability offer the highest level of safety, because here we have gone one step further: All comfort handlebars are manufactured to MTB standard and have passed the most demanding test protocol of the Zedler Institute for downhill handlebars.”

All three bars are aluminium and are immediately available. RRP: 99.95 EUR / 89.99 GBP / 109.99 USD.

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SQlab was founded by Tobias ‘Toby’ Hild, a former motocross rider, who had a big crash and switched to riding mountain bikes afterward. In the early 1990s, hild founded his first cycling businesses: Amazing Toys, a parts and accessories brand for the fast-growing MTB downhill segment, and Amazing Shop, an LBS. 

In 2002, Toby founded SQlab as the world’s first player focusing on ergonomic cycling parts, to ease the ride and help cyclists with pain and numbness issues. SQlab was the very first brand to introduce a sit bones distance measuring tool for fitting, in the same year. 

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