BikeBiz3 seemed to hit the spot. Our insistence that its get online or die is paying off. Since Monday morning weve been getting a steady stream of calls from IBDs keen to get wired up

Sofa so good!

All the IBDs whove been asking for our advice – and asking for names of web designers (weve given our webmaster, the BikeMagic crew and Simon Watts) – have said they have now been inspired to take the plunge by BikeBiz. But were just the final straw that broke the camels back because its impossible to turn on the telly or read a newspaper at the moment without being bombarded with internet stories.

Talking about telly, WebTV is going to introduce loads of new internet users to surfing the web. Open, the interactive TV service now available on Sky, isnt pure web (its just a collection of high street retailers with glorified teletext pages) but the next generation of web access televisions will offer genuine internet access. Already plugged in to a TV email service is Dave Hemming, MBUK cover star, ace rider and tech rep for ATB Sales.

Who needs a PC when you can email BikeBiz from your sofa, he says!

And with WAP technology taking off, its soon going to be second nature to access your emails – and surf the web (albeit with a squint) from your mobile phone.


Our wallchart hit the spot too. Rich from Nimrod faxed us saying it was so comprensive he was half expecting it to include his summer holiday dates! He complained about our wordiness, though: Issue 3, fine mag again, but so much to read. Our lav isnt heated [so BikeBiz] should come with a hypothermia warning!

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