Mark Walmsley departs for pastures new. He leaves before the year is out. But only just.

Madison MD stands down

Madisons MD leaves the company on 31st December. He resigned in October 1998 and since then has been working out his contract.

Why leave? Why now?

It time for a change. I recently celebrated my tenth anniversary in the trade and never expected to last that long. Its a change of life thing, I suppose. I want to pursue other things, Walmsley told BikeBiz.

His position is not being replaced. Chief executive Terry Bowles takes on some of his roles, and the rest will be shared out between other long-standing Madison management figures such as Patrick Barker, Richard Peploe and Dominic Langan.

Walmsley will be going self-employed and plans to set up his own consultancy, working within the sports trade and offering supply chain management services to independent retailers across a number of different sectors.

His contacts with the ACT and their training arm, ACCT Ltd. will continue.

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