In a story last month, was cocker-hoop it had overtaken in the number of forum messages posted. Bikemagic countered that it was still the biggest cycle site in the eyes of Hitwise, an independent site-popularity ratings service. But now, according to Hitwise, Singletrack has overtaken Bikemagic and is now the biggest cycling website in the UK. On top of that, Singletrack is also well up there in the mainstream news sites category, sometimes beating mammoth sites such as

Singletrack bests Bikemagic, again

Hitwise use weblogs from the world’s major ISPs to monitor over 8.5 million internet users in the UK to build up a picture of internet traffic across a large number of markets from cycling to business and finance. The results are an independently verifiable measure of internet usage.

Drew Cullen of, the tech-head’s daily read, told BikeBiz that he trusts the Hitwise stats, and it’s the second best measuring service, with the ultra-expensive stats from ABCi, being the most accurate.

A Hitwise account costs £4000 a year for a single category, such as ‘cycling.’

According to Hitwise, took 9.34 percent of the market share of all cycling related internet traffic in the UK for the first three weeks of June. Bikemagic has 6.5 percent.

Mark Alker, Singletrack’s online editor, said:

"It was great to have our position as the UK’s biggest cycling site verified by an independent company but it was not surprising. You only have to look at how many times our stories are read on our front page to get a feel for how popular STW is. And anyone who frequents our forum each day will see for themselves just how busy it is in there."

Hitwise also categorises Singletrackworld in the News and Media – Print category as a magazine with an accompanying website. Out of the 1556 websites in this category, Singletrackworld ranked 16th in terms of pages displayed on the 23rd June, putting it ahead of the likes of the Radio Times, Rolling Stone, Which Online and the Independent Online. The 23rd June also saw STW ranked 39th out of 3396 sites in the Sport Category.

Alker and site co-owner Chipps Chippendale now want to turn eyeballs into cash. With what they say is now, officially, the UK’s busiest cycle-related website, they are going to ramp up their efforts at generating online ad revenue.

STW’s rate card can be viewed at

You’ll need passwords. You may recognise them…

username – presta

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