Yesterday's terrorist attack on America changes everything. World history will now go in a different direction. For now, however, our thoughts must go to those who have lost loved ones in America. Visitors to this website will no doubt join in passing on our deepest sympathy to the American people and others who lost their lives yesterday

Shock. Outrage. Despair.

The terrorist attacks on America could easily lead to a deep world recession.

If, as is expected, Muslim extremists are found to be behind America’s nightmare, there will be friction between the West and Arab oil-producing nations.

Yesterday’s unbelievable events will be just the start of a whole new world order. With thousands dead, it will be impossible for America not to react with overwhelming force against Islamic terrorists around the world.

This is all for the future. Today, the reality of what happened yesterday is begininng to sink in.

This morning David Wilsher, president of the Association of Cycle Traders, emailed BicycleRetailer, the American trade magazine, with his sympathies:

"The events unfolding in America have left us in horror and shock. On behalf of the British cycle industry we send our condolences to the many families effected by this wicked act."

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