The Bible's been bumped by a calendar! B3 has been fully printed and collated for nearly 10 days but the dead expensive ring-binding is holding up final delivery...

BikeBizBible stalls

We should have been sending out the book by now but the binders – in their wisdom – failed to stick to their part of the agreement and started binding a calendar instead of the BikeBizBible.

There’s nothing we can do about this. Wire-o-binding such a thick directory as B3 is a specialised job and only a few finishing houses in the UK could handle it. Therefore we can’t throw our rattle out of the pram on this one. It’s a case of sitting tight and hoping they’ll get round to little old us sometime in the near future.

Our latest ETA is Monday of next week. Frustrated? You betcha.

Anyway, just to prove the book is ready and waiting, the pictures here show a plastic comb-bound B3. The ring-bound version will be a lot more robust.

As you can see, B3 is a thick volume. The cover features a yellow ruler, marked in centimetres. Much of the book is printed in full colour, so it’s pretty as well as useful.

Because address and brand details change with alarming frequency, there are 26 blank pages towards the rear of the book for making your own amendments. Each amendment page reminds readers to update us of the changes so the online B3 can always be bang up-to-date.

2419 copies of the book will be sent out free next week. Nearly every recipient of BicycleBusiness will get a copy (except for bike shop staff recipients of the mag, PR companies and most overseas recipients of the mag).

All extra copies cost £25 each. There’s to be a printed update version in March 2002, and we’re starting to compile a list of amendments already (eg the address for Sonic is wrong in the book but right on; and Stockturn have a new address).

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