Shimano unveils a new vision for Glasgow as part of Future Cities campaign

Shimano has announced its launch of the second location for this year’s Future Cities campaign, following transformations for London and Berlin last year and Bilbao in July.

Urban and leisure cycling has been part of modern city life across the world for decades, yet only recently has widespread recognition of its ability to effect change been noticed.

Cycling contributes to our environment, health and overall wellbeing by enabling people to move about in a clean and more efficient way.

It will take a clear vision for people to recognise the impact that the widespread uptake of urban cycling could have, like those captured in Future Cities.

Shimano reimagined what cities could look like through innovative computer-generated animations. Cities that have cleaner air, less traffic and less noise pollution ultimately look nicer and are more welcoming and fit for the future.

With the international focus after hosting the UCI Cycling World Championships, Glasgow was Shimano’s next choice, with four locations potentially up for transformation.

Glasgow Central Station before

A busy transport hub with recognisable architecture from the industrial age, Glasgow’s Central Station on Gordon Street was chosen via social media polls as the winner to be transformed.

Glasgow’s Central Station sits in the heart of Glasgow city, Scotland. The station plays a significant role as the northern terminus of the West Coast Main Line, facilitating travel across all regions of the UK.

Over time, with multiple refurbishments, the station has intertwined modern amenities with rich historical significance. It is an integral part of Glasgow’s cityscape, and removing cars and making space for people to walk and cycle would allow its iconic architecture to sing again.

Jonathan Davis, PR and communications at Shimano Europe, said: “We are very proud to be unveiling the second stage of our Future Cities project this year, in line with our mission to promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us.

“After consulting with local people through social media polls, we wanted to create a bold and innovative vision of the area outside Glasgow Central Station. Through our ongoing campaign, we have created an alternative vision of the future where our cities are healthier, safer, and ultimately more enjoyable places to live.”

Safe and continuous infrastructure, as seen in the Future Cities campaign, has been proven to increase levels of cycling, with people feeling safer and more confident to make journeys by bike.

People have become used to cities and the most densely populated areas dominated by cars and car parking. With a mission to promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of the natural world – and, of course, the bike – Shimano is well-placed to share its vision of how different cities could be.

Seeking to start a conversation with urban mobility experts, residents, politicians, planners and other interested parties, Shimano hopes that the Future Cities campaign will encourage people to be more ambitious and reconsider what is possible when it comes to changing our cities and making them fit for people.

Gregory Kinsman-Chauvet, founder and cycling enthusiast officer (CEO) at Bike For Good, said: ‘’Creating a sustainable and livable city requires enhancing cycling infrastructure and ensuring safer streets. This aligns with Bike for Good’s vision of a healthy and inclusive environment where the entire community benefits from increased cycling. It’s an exciting vision that we fully support.’’

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Colby Robertson, GoBike Strathclyde Cycling Campaign, added: “The recent spate of pedestrians and cyclists killed or seriously injured in the Glasgow area highlights that the status quo of car-based urban planning is badly broken. Change is needed. Using a bike should be a safe, efficient, clean and healthy mode of active travel; open to everyone.

‘’We support high quality designs to make public spaces accessible. Everyone should be able to choose active travel – whether walking, wheeling or cycling. We at GoBike look forward to seeing the plans for Glasgow Central station progress.”


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