Sheffield City Region launches interactive map to share cycling experiences

People in South Yorkshire are being asked to give their views on their experiences of walking and cycling, through a new interactive map launched by the Sheffield City Region.

Dame Sarah Storey, Mayor Dan Jarvis’ active travel commissioner, is inviting people from across the region to highlight what is and what isn’t working on South Yorkshire’s current network of roads, cycle paths and footpaths.

When appointed as commissioner, Storey pledged to listen to communities across South Yorkshire as she works to enable more people to leave the car at home and walk or cycle.

Now, the team is asking for the views of those already walking and cycling regularly and those who don’t feel they are able to yet, including people using adapted bikes or mobility aids. All contributions will be used as part of the work taking place with South Yorkshire’s four local authorities to help plan what the region’s Active Travel Network could look like by 2040.

The comments made on the interactive map will be used alongside those of transport planning experts to ensure the network is suitable, safe and accessible for the communities it will serve.

“The car has been king for far too long,” Jarvis said. “The health of our planet and its people is rapidly deteriorating, our children are breathing dirty air and we are in the midst of an obesity crisis. We must offer people an alternative to driving which is safe and accessible for all.

“It is fantastic to be working with Dame Sarah Storey to enable more people to walk and cycle in South Yorkshire. By asking people what they need and working with some of the country’s most knowledgeable active travel experts, we will create a network which will provide people with a genuine alternative to driving.”

Storey added: “This map is for those who walk or cycle now, and those who want to in the future. I want to hear what you think about South Yorkshire’s roads and footways as they are at the moment, to help my team and I improve them for you in the future.

“For those parents who struggle with buggies and worry about when their toddlers want to run on ahead, or the teenagers who don’t feel safe walking to school and people using wheelchairs or have mobility aids, what are your journeys like now? And how could they be improved and made safer? Do you face challenges on what should be the simplest of journeys?

“I am committed to being led by communities, I want to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Your comments will be used alongside those of planning experts to create an Active Travel Network which is safe, suitable and accessible for all who would like to use it.”

Since her appointment in April, Storey has made pledges that will define her work as active travel commissioner, established an Active Travel Advisory Board to support her work in South Yorkshire, and has been working with the local authorities to determine minimum safety standards for active travel schemes in the Sheffield City Region.

The Active Travel Interactive Map can be found here.

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