New range of sex-specific, ergonomic saddles on the way

Selle Royal announces Ergogel saddle range

Selle Royal has announced a new range of saddles designed to ergonomically fit both men and women.

In developing the saddles, the company worked with Prof. Bayen from the University of Brussels, who concluded that to ensure the feeding of oxygen to the pudendal nerves and arteries, male saddles should be endued with a 35 mm wide canal.

Female saddles needed a smaller canal of 25 mm to avoid strong compression or squeezing of the centre. A broad surface around the cavern of this saddle balances the pressure on both sides of the pressure discharge area where external pudendal tissues support parts of the weight.

The new Ergogel range consists of three gents models and three ladies. The three models for each sex cater for athletic rides, moderate use and relaxed riding.

UK pricing is yet to be announced, but the units will be available in Europe for 54,50 Euro.

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