UK-based electric bike brand to broaden its operation with new German warehouse

Powacycle to enter new European markets

Powacycle has laid out plans to broaden its operations, outlining plans to sell further into Europe.

The move comes as the brand has opened a new warehouse in Monchengladbach, Germany.

Bouyed at the prospects of entering several highly active new markets, MD of Powacycle, Wazz Mughal said: "We are excited about opportunities in Europe. The distribution centre is located at Monchengladbach in Germany, which is close to the border with the Netherlands, and an ideal centre at the heart of the European electric bike market. Germany and the Netherlands between them account for over half of European electric bikes sold last year. The European market for electric bikes is forecast to grow from approximately 250,000 units in 2007 to some 750,000 in 2009.”

The Windsor LPX and Salisbury LPX models have been specially adapted to meet European requirements and are now available from the European base. These two models run on Lithium Polymer batteries, which have a range of 27 to 37 miles per charge.

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