It may look like we are backing down on our proposal but that is not the case, says Brian Montgomery! Brian is chairman of the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association which last week withdrew its anti-dumping complaint against China and Taiwan but his view of events differs from most people's

Seeing the world through EBMA-eyes

According to quotes in a story on the website of the US trade magazine Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, Brian Montgomery’s EBMA did not ‘lose’ vis a vis last week’s dumping complaint collapse. European commentators have drawn breath at this conclusion because the long-running saga of EBMA members one-by-one withdrawing their support for Brian Montgomerys linked anti-dumping complaint from frames, forks and wheels from both China AND Taiwan has cost them dearly in time, effort and money.

Heres what Montgomery is quoted as saying:

"What all the EBMA membership decided to do was to enforce the circumvention rules that are already on the books. We have current rules that require importers to pay anti-dumping duties on frames, forks and wheels unless they obtain an exemption.

"But what is happening is that there are too many exemptions being given and the rules for obtaining an exemption are too lax.

It may look like we are backing down on our proposal but that is not the case. There [is] more than one way of skinning a cat and we are now focused on getting the laws already on the books enforced.

This highly selective and unusual reading of the events that actually took place with Brian getting a metaphorical bloody nose from EBMA members and the European Commission deciding to extend the existing duties on complete bikes from China without any further intervention from EBMA will be added to tomorrow when we print the official EBMA press release. We got it Friday but it is embargoed until Monday.

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