24 minutes ago, at 12pm today, it was officially public knowledge that the dumping action initiated by the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association has been cancelled

Linked dumping investigation collapses

At yesterdays meeting of EBMA members no support was forthcoming for the continuation of the investigation by the European Commission so, in effect, it has been shelved.

The existing anti-dumping duties on complete bikes from China was confirmed and extended yesterday but Brian Montgomery of EBMA has been forced to tell the European Commission that his members have withdrawn their support for the investigation against dumped frames and forks from China and Taiwan.

The fact that China and Taiwan were linked in this way has always been the crux of the problem, say pundits close to the action, and the great majority of European manufacturers, assemblers, and IBDs will now breathe a sigh of relief as bikes of Taiwanese origin will not now have extra duties attached to them.

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