See.Sense launches new ECO packaging

See.Sense has announced a new ‘ECO version’ of its packaging, which will be used on its ICON and ACE reactive bike lights which are sold into more than 76 countries worldwide.

While See.Sense’s packaging for its reactive and connected bike lights has always been minimal and recyclable, the ECO launch takes things ‘one step further’. The new packaging is plastic-free, which makes it easier to recycle. The packaging is also strong and resilient, which means it cuts down on the need for outer postal packaging. Finally, the redesigned smaller size of packaging makes it small enough to fit through all letterboxes, which cuts down on multiple delivery attempts.

Jemma Nimick, marketing lead at See.Sense, said: “As a company, we strive to listen to our customer needs, and our new ECO packaging was designed in response to our customers, many of whom told us they no longer want flashy packaging with unnecessary waste.”

Philip McAleese, CEO at See.Sense, added: “Being sustainable and lean is one of our core values, and we are proud to say that we have been better than carbon neutral since starting See.Sense back in 2013. Our eco-packaging is just one of range of initiatives we have in place, from, and we have also worked with the tree-planting charity WeForest since 2014, offsetting our carbon footprint by planting over 7,500 trees in India, Madagascar and Tanzania.”

See.Sense raised £3,000 (which planted over 3,000 trees) from 277 cyclists in a not for profit Kickstarter campaign in 2019. And now, customers can proactively plant trees directly through the website too. Through See.Sense’s new VIP membership (£1), cyclists can buy a stem cap for
their bike for an extra £1, which plants an additional tree with WeForest.

See.Sense believes that where it is possible to make positive choices to impact our surroundings, we all must do so. Its ECO packaging is exactly this – a small but positive choice that helps it continue to fulfil the See.Sense aim of being as ‘lean and sustainable as possible’, which is one of the company’s core values. With over more than 100,000 See.Sense lights in use today, millions of kilometres have been logged, displaying that millions of kilograms of CO2 have been saved.

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