Seatylock’s wearable folding lock goes on sale

The integrated plastic belt clip on the Clipster is designed to attach to the rider’s belt, trousers or bag while riding and is designed from a soft material to prevent damage to clothing or the bike frame – this also prevents rust over time.

The unit is crafted from six hardened steel links over-molder by a reinforced military-graded and UV treated polymer. It is constructed from anti-drilling hardened componentry and as such is able to withstand damage and forced breakages to a Sold Secure silver rating.

The Clipster’s circumference is 85cm or 33.4”. It weighs 2.2lbs.

Chief designer Shahaf Levavi commented: “Lately there has been an evolving trend of keeping bike frames clean. Clean from accessories, certainly locks and sometimes, even essential like brakes! In order to achieve that look and still have all the accessories those riders need, they tend to carry it on their body. Hanged on a trouser belt, around the waist, arms, inside pockets and bags.

For keeping their bike safe, those riders are bound to carry a bulky U-lock or a chain on their body. We thought that a folding lock is the natural solution for that matter, since it has the ability to fold into a compact shape and still maintain a fair level of security,” he added. 

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