Creation can be fine tuned to release pre-determined volumes of lubrication onto chains during a ride

Scottoiler launches auto lubrication device

Live on Kickstarter at present and shown to crowds at the past few month’s trade shows, Scottoiler has launched an automatic lubrication device that’ll trickle a pre-determined amount onto your chain as you ride.

Set for market by March, the system doesn’t come cheap at around £150 retail price, but Scottoiler says that it’s an investment in the longevity of your components (and power saving) for those who really put in the mileage.

The unit is able to be pre-set, with one drop every 30 seconds the recommended dosage for off-road applications and one every 150 seconds for a dry commute. Due to a fitted accelerometer, when stopped the S1 will cease supply. On the fastest supply setting the 38ml will drain in 10.5 hours, yet at it’s slowest will last a "month’s worth of riding" (52 hours).

The S1, which holds 38ml and weighs in at 200 grams (filled and with batteries) will come supplied with 250ml of Scottoiler’s own lubricant.

The firm told BikeBiz it is keen to speak with UK distributors to develop its presence in the market and beyond.

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