Happily the private hire company now sees the commercial opportunity cyclist present

Addison Lee targets cyclists…with new service

It’s three years since then Addison Lee chairman John Griffin stoked up a cycle controversy by telling his drivers to drive in London bus lanes (and cyclists to pay to use roads), which resulted in a boycott campaign and judicial review (Griffin stood down from the role in 2014). Happily, it appears the company has significantly softened its stance to cyclists and is now actively touting for their business. 

The private hire company has launched CycleCab – allowing bike riders to stow their bicycles in the back of Addison Lee minicab for "when the British weather turns torrential or simply when it’s been a particularly tough day at the office".

The new cycling product will roll out from October 19th and the service will be bookable via the app or online. It is being launched in partnership with Six Day London – an event pulling together some big name bike riders at the Lee Valley VeloPark velodrome from October 18th to 23rd.

The press release on the product is clearly hoping to repair some bridges: "Addison Lee is a strong supporter of London’s cyclists and ensures each of their drivers goes through a cyclist awareness training programme."

That sentiment is echoed in the round of quotes –

Peter Boucher, Addison Lee’s Chief Commercial Officers said: “We are delighted to team up with Six Day London to announce the launch of our newest product, CycleCab. Over the past couple of years we have seen an explosion in London cycling which we welcome.

"After consulting with our drivers we have discovered a large demand for this service and we want to make it more accessible for our customers. We are happy to be the first company to bring this product to market and excited to enhance our relationship with London’s cycling community.”

Mark Darbon, CEO of Madison Sports Group, promoters of Six Day London said, "Six Day London is a track cycling event unlike others, and working with a partner such as Addison Lee to support our vision is really important to us.

"It is also really important that we support them and their work with the CycleCab initiative, which is just part of their ongoing commitment to the cycling community in London."

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