Swobo creator, Tim Parr's minority share bought out

Santa Cruz buys out Swobo

Santa Cruz now owns Swobo outright following buying out Tim Parr’s minority share of the business.

During negotiations it was believed that Parr, Swobo’s founder, would stay on board, though was happy to leave based on the "good working relationship" between himself and Santa Cruz owner Rob Roskopp.

“I made a personal decision to leave on top of [the business decision that was made by Santa Cruz Bicycles]," Parr said.

US Trade site Bicycle Retailer reports that the firm is now "well positioned for the future." Originally a clothing company, Swobo diversified its business in 2006 when current managing director Sky Yaeger came on board, quickly launching a bike range that has been well recieved all over.

Bristol’s Shiner Distribution carries Swobo in the UK.

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