The brand says the new bike will be the 'first of its kind' and will be a 'leader in the digital evolution of the bicycle industry.'

San Francisco based Volata Cycles release high tech bicycle

San Francisco bicycle brand Volata Cycles has released the details of a new high-tech bicycle, that will be available to purchase from July 2017.

Volata is equipped with a 2.4-in app-based embedded computer that integrates into the handlebar, allowing access to information such as performance, weather forecast, turn-by-turn directions, heart rate, and smartphone notification. The safety features include an integrated horn which creates awareness of cyclists in traffic, while the automated front and rear lights ensure visibility throughout the day.

A GPS-based anti-theft system informs the owner if anyone tries to steal the bike with a motion detector, which monitors the bike status and sends the user real-time notifications to track the bicycle’s location. A front hub dynamo automatically charges the internal battery, providing the cyclist with the luxury of never worrying about recharging.

Volata is available for online reservation at $299 here. The balance ($3,200) is due upon delivery that will begin in July 2017.

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