Saddle Safari creates campaign to encourage cargo bike use in Marlow

Saddle Safari, an independent bike retailer in Marlow, is looking to encourage people to use bikes for transport instead of just sport and leisure.

To increase interest, the store is offering free cargo bike demos and has created a Youtube video called “Day in the life of a Cargo Bike in Marlow”.

Andy Rackstraw, founder of Saddle Safari said: “We are fortunate as a shop where we are located, we have an affluent and loyal customer base who enjoy riding bikes as a sport and leisure activity and are prepared to spend on high end bikes .

“However, we are increasingly aware that these cyclists will often still defer to the car for short journeys around the town once the lycra has been removed and the bike parked back in the garage .

“Towns like ours have seen almost no investment in active travel over the last 30 years, despite constant campaigning ,the net result is the town is more congested than ever with cars twice the size they were, and roads riddled with potholes as a result .These things do not encourage bike riding.”

The video shows the rider using a Trek Fetch+2 to run family errands such as the food shop, and picking up the kids from school.

It also highlights business benefits with the user picking up work supplies and returning beer barrels to a brewers

Rackstraw continued: “One of the positive measures we can take is to try to get Marlovians thinking about how a bike might be used instead of the car for the dozens of trips they take weekly in town . Because there are almost no cargo bikes used locally , people do not see them so as a viable alternative , London Yes , Marlow No .

“I believe if we are able to get half a dozen or so used and visible around the schools, shops and clubs’ people will stop thinking of them as a novelty and really engage with the thought that they might swap car trips for bike rides .

“This new generation of e-cargo is much more compact, user friendly and practical for anyone to use. Once tried the prejudices melt away.”

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Anyone interested in a demo can borrow the cargo bike for a few hours or a few days, and Saddle Safari will configure it with seats, bench, boxes or bags.

For more information, visit or call the store on 01628 477020

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