Love Your Bike, a poster and movie campaign to get Manchester’s car commuters to take to bicycles won first prize at the Green Awards held at London's Guildhall on Wednesday night. Beware, the viral video within is risque...with bells on

Rude ride movie wins big Green gong

The ‘Love Your Bike’ campaign was created by Manchester ethical communications agency, Creative Concern, for Friends of the Earth and Manchester City Council.

Love Your Bike raised public awareness of cycling to reduce carbon emissions, noise and pollution levels as well as peak time traffic congestion in the city centre.

A viral video was a central part of the campaign. Watch it on YouTube here, if you’re of a strong disposition.

The award for Best Integrated Campaign under £100K was presented to Manchester Friends of the Earth at the Guildhall in London.

A series of suggestive bike-themed images, including a cycle chain and leather bicycle saddle styled into a love heart and a photographic ‘Fat Lane Fast Lane’ advert were used in an outdoor advertising campaign in Manchester.

Launched in early Spring across more than 40 city centre billboards and over one hundred bus backs, the campaign went live with a postcard drop, featuring the fun visuals as well as a Love Your Bike website.

The website, also created by Creative Concern, reinforces the message that cycling is not just good for the environment, it is also good for the commuter’s health, cash flow, and saves time travelling to and from work.

Creative Concern MD Chris Dessent said:

“The award is fabulous news for the agency and for Manchester as it clearly demonstrates that successfully communicating green issues doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

"When we’re dealing with serious issues such as global warming or green transport we understand that audiences react positively to environmental messages when we apply a bit of sex, humour and high-impact visuals.

"Love Your Bike wasn’t targeted at staunch environmentalists or die-hard cyclists, it was for all of Manchester.”

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