'A bike shops is a retail environment - you don't want nasty smells or harmful fumes in-store'

Rozone now has over 1,000 Smartwashers in UK bike shops

Judging by the number of hand car wash outfits operating in BikeBiz’s locality, there’s plenty of cash in cleaning. Like cars, bikes have been known to pick up a spot of dirt too, as any bike workshop will confirm, and it was frustration with filthy bikes that led one famous cycle café and workshop to contact Rozone and jump start the company’s cycle trade presence.

“Our national accounts manager, Robin Lewis, followed an enquiry from Sam [Humpheson] at Look Mum No Hands, and placed a Smartwasher on a two-week free trial at the Old Street shop,” Rozone’s Beth Jones tells BikeBiz. “Sam and his technicians loved it. A solution for the bike industry was found. We now have over 1,000 Smartwashers operating within the UK bike industry.”

Rozone has been tackling complex cleaning problems since it formed in ’91. The company’s USP is using water or safer solvent solutions, rather than relying on potentially hazardous chemicals to ditch the dirt.

Before the Smartwasher, commercial grade parts washers for the bicycle industry were thin on the ground, with bike workshops stuck with traditional solvent part washers or a shelf full of consumer-grade products.

“These aerosols, sprays, rags and brushes aren’t cheap and they can stink out the shop, cause a mess and end up in the waste bin,” explains Jones. “A pressure washer at the back of the shop doesn’t turn out a very well cleaned bike either and then you have to dispose of the dirty, greasy water.

“Traditional solvent part washers usually involve expensive service contracts and they are only good for cleaning unfinished metal parts. Today’s bikes are mostly not metal.”

Rozone’s bioremediating (more on that later) parts cleaning machine – the Smartwasher – reduces the use of harsh toxic chemicals, helping bike technicians work more safely while being less harsh on the environment.

The Bike Smartwasher is safe and effective for any part of the bike, be it the frame, forks, plastics, carbon or even vinyl saddles. “It cleans the whole bike without any dismantling,” says Jones. “The mobile washer is quick and easy to wheel under a bike hanging on a stand and washes the entire bike with the drive train operating. The flo-thru brush and flexible nozzle allow you to reach every nook and cranny.

“We timed a professional grade drive train wash – we cleaned the rear cassette, chain, front chain rings, dried it off and in less than five minutes it was remarkably clean, lubed and ready to go…at £15 to £25 a go, how much money could you generate per week offering this cleaning service?”

In just a fraction of the time, Rozone says, the Smartwasher cleans more thoroughly (and for less than £1 per wash).

“Using it in your Silver and Gold Service packages will save you time and increase throughput.” The eco-friendly ‘Bioremediation’ process uses industrial-strength cleaning solution Ozzy Juice, which is a pH neutral, non-hazardous water-based surfactant degreaser that can be used on any part of a bike. It safely cleans painted parts, coated parts, chrome, rubber and plastic.

Jones says: “Bike shops are a retail environment – you don’t want nasty smells, harmful fumes and flammable hazards. The Smartwasher does not generate any bad smells, harmful fumes and is non-flammable. It contains no hazardous chemicals and has the added benefit that it is heated to 40°c so is much more pleasant for the technician.

“We’ve had a fantastic response from the trade. Rozone works with a wide range of retailers and offers a free trial option on the Smartwasher – to date, you can count on one hand those that have returned from trial unwanted. That says it all.

“The Smartwasher really does what it says – it degreases, so when cleaning the wheels, protect the hub or re-grease/lubricate it after cleaning.”

Enquiries should be directed to 0121 526 8181. 


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