It's the next micro scooter, believes Route 47's Dan Maker. The ScreamMachine is the recumbent trike featured on this site in June. It's aimed at 4-12 year old boys.

Route 47 to import the ScreamMachine skidding trike

Click in to the link below for the pix and US launch details of the ScreamMachine.

Route 47, one of the UK popularisers of the original micro-scooter, is urging IBDs to get on board this latest bandwaggon early.

"I feel that this could be the best seller this year and we don’t do anything unless we think that it will go," said Route 47’s Dan Maker.

"We were the ones that started the micro craze, so maybe we could have a similar product here. I know that there were a lot of IBDs who made good money from the Micro and I hope

that they will again be able to make good money on this."

The ScreamMachine retails for £79.99, can be bought singularly but comes carriage paid in threes. Trade starts at £46 and goes down with volume orders. The first shipment is mid September. Route 47 has exclusivity for the UK IBD market.

Tel: 01803 854747


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