14 million UK adults believe cyclists should be taxed like cars. That's one of the findings of an internet survey conducted by a polling company that specialises in time-critical surveys, especially following news stories, such as Sunday and Monday's media scare stories about cyclists and the EU's motorists-at-fault insurance proposals

Emailed survey serves up mainstream perceptions of cycling

The survey was undertaken using SySurvey, which is said to allow journalists, marketers, researchers, and HR managers to undertake targeted and time-critical research at costs way below what other, more famous survey companies charge.

A questionnaire was sent out on Tuesday 4pm with interim results available Wednesday morning (40 percent of a pre-recruited panel of 2000 people responded to the questionnaire within 12 hours). SySurvey extrapolates the results from its 2000 survey completions and assigns them to percentages of the UK population.

* A third of those asked believed that more should be done to safeguard the rights of cyclists, though just under 40 percent agreed with the statement "cycling should be banned where there are many pedestrians".

* 21 million adults agree that car drivers are a danger to cyclists.

* 33.5 million adults see cycling as an environmentally-friendly alternative to driving.


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