Rondo launches 2021 collection

Rondo has launched its 2021 collection, introducing new models and upgrades to its range.

“The new collection is the brand’s most versatile to date,” said a statement, “combining open-minded thinking and progressive features to create tough, purpose-built all-road bikes with a racing character and maximum functionality. Founded to change the way drop bar bikes are perceived by roadies and mountain bikers, Rondo is proud to see road racing friends hit the gravel for the first time and mountain bikers go full gas around their local trails. With over 15 years of experience manufacturing bikes, the new collection is technically advanced and designed to look unlike anything else on the market.

“Built for cyclists who race throughout the seasons on and off-road, for those who ride thousands of kilometres each year, commute to work and tear up the trails with friends on the weekend. With specific designs and features for road and cyclocross, adventure and endurance, there is a bike for the everyday rider, the avid racer, and the adrenaline junkie.”

RUUT TI, RUUT CF 1, RUUT AL 1 and RUUT AL 2 – model updates
The RUUT range features the “world’s first” Vario geometry gravel design and is the brand’s “most aggressive” off-road bike. With updates to six of the bikes within this category, Rondo says they are comfortable enough for bike packing and long-distance riding while maintaining a super sporty look and feel.

The model updates feature Spank Wing Vibrocore handlebars and new X-Wide Hunt gravel wheels ensure superior grip on uneven surfaces. The bikes also feature an updated AL frame and V2 fork in alloy models. The RUUT TI weighs 9.68kg, the RUUT CF 1 weighs 8.9kg, the RUUT AL 1 weighs 10.2kg and the RUUT AL 2 weighs 10.5kg. Prices range from €1,599 – €4,699.


RUUT CF 2 2X and RUUT AL 1 2X – new spec
The RUUT CF 2 2X (€2,699.00) and RUUT AL 1 2X (€1,999.00) are more road-friendly versions of the RUUT. Riders will appreciate the bike’s faster rolling tyres, said the brand, 2X drivetrain with a big range and dense gears. The RUUT CF 2 2X weighs 9.65kg and the RUUT AL 1 2X weighs 10.3kg.

RUUT X – new model
The new carbon RUUT X (€3,699) has been built to serve the needs of riders who use their RUUT for fast gravel rides as well as cyclocross, a winter race that sees competitors ride over pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles. The bike weighs 8.6kg and features a narrow Easton aero carbon handlebar, lightweight components, CX tyres, a cassette with narrower spacing, CX specific GRX gearing and Hunt aero alloy wheels.


HVRT CF 0 and HVRT CF 2 – model updates
The HVRT range is the “world’s first” Vario geometry road-plus bike. Inspired by fast group rides on the weekends and exploring quiet roads on long summer evenings, this model gives riders the option to switch out high profile, aero wheels for massive road-plus tyres on 650b hoops.

Thanks to the unique Twintip fork, cyclists can also change their riding position. The first position sits with steeper angles and a lower front, ideal for racing, said the brand, and the alternative fork setting, that fits big tyres or fenders with slightly slacker angles, is ideal for harsh and long endurance rides. Prices range from €3,599 – €6,699.

HVRT CF1 – new spec
The HVRT CF1, which weighs 8.9kg, now comes with a Shimano Ultegra mechanical groupset at a more accessible price point (€5,299). Equipped with Hunt limitless carbon wheels for the CF1 and CF0 models, and Hunt Aero Light wheels for CF2.

MUTT AL and MUTT ST – new colours
Comfort was the main goal when designing the ultimate long-distance all-road MUTT range, said the brand, updated with new colourways for 2021 and featuring Vario geometry, a flex frame design, plush road-plus tyres, 2x road drivetrains and fenders. Riders can swap the wheels for 700C, ditch the fenders and put the fork into a high position. The MUTT AL weighs 11.1kg and the MUTT ST weighs 11kg. Prices range from €1,999 – €2,569.


BOGAN ST – model updates
Designed in collaboration with riders from the bike packing community, the BOGAN bike (€1,999) features a new Rondo Direct 38T Crankset.

This model weighs 10.8kg and is built for stability, durability and comfort on rough roads, allowing riders to “go the distance” with 29in wheels, forward geometry, handlebars shaped for comfort with soft bartape, a short stem and a huge clearance. Water bottle mounts are placed inside the frame for maximum volume with attachment points on the fork, top tube, down tube and rear triangle.

All weights are based on a medium-sized frame.

The new 2021 collection will be available in selected stockists worldwide from mid-October.

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