Last year, the average turn was 18 days. At the annual Chicago sales meeting of SRAM/Rock Shox, Robert Priest, SRAM's global aftermarket manager, revealed the turn has been reduced to 1-2 days for most European countries.

Rock Shox Europe reduces servicing turnaround

"One year ago, 18 days was the average service turnaround time for RockShox product across Europe," said Priest.

"That was absolutely not acceptable. This is why getting the service right was the number one thing on my RockShox integration list."

The improvement is partly due to the relocation, in June, of RockShox production and spare parts shipping to SRAM’s Taiwan factory.

Priest also cites a "growing relationship and trust with the new distributor base."

SRAM and RockShox distributors across the world have been "streamlined" since SRAM acquired RockShox, although any change to the split distribution in the UK – Fisher with SRAM, Madison for RockShox – has been shelved for now.

"Developing long term agreements gives our partners more trust," said Priest of the appointments of new distributors in Switzerland and France.

Quality control has also been improved, said Priest.

"Using SRAM’s own CQF (Customer Quality Feedback) process gave quick information about where the issues were and what was needed. [We were] able to get spare parts out to the distributors before the dealers started shipping warranties."…/PR-RS-Service-E.pdf

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