New pressure relieving model available this month

RIDO releases sportier RLt saddle

Rido – the saddle brand specialising in relieving pressure on the sensitive perineal area – has released a sportier version.

The RIDO saddle is designed to disperse and manipulate the downward force of the rider’s weight as it impacts on the saddle surface, shifting pressure from the perineal area and offering a variety of sitting positions and rider saddle contact points.

Previously the RIDO could be described as ‘chunky’, but the new sporty RLt version released this month is firmer to reduce loss of energy while cycling, also meaning that there are no ‘soft’ contact areas, which would deform over time and lose the perineal lift effect.

The curvature of the new saddle provides the lift and a variation in rider-saddle contact spots.

RIDO’s creator, John Kenney, explained: “The RIDO saddle has rejuvenated the cycling enjoyment of countless cyclists around the world, primarily for its unique, patented ‘pressure relief’ properties, but it has always been a somewhat ‘niche’ product because of its less-than-conventional, ‘chunky’ looks. We all know that style and fashion rule over practicality and comfort. Those wafer thin tyres on today’s cars are a prime example. “But now, the launch of the RLt this month should put this right… it’s more comfortable than ‘conventional saddles’ and good looking too. And it helps with applying more power to the pedals up those hills.

“The curvature of the saddle is designed not only to always give you the necessary lift but to also provide a variation in rider-saddle contact spots as you ride. You’ll sit forward, you’ll sit back and you’ll sit in the centre on the high-spots: the contact points will all be slightly different. Without realising you will subconsciously soon get used to riding on the RLt and then suddenly discover the unusual lack of recovery period from soreness (and numbness) after your rides.

“With the current offering that now covers more comfortable, perineal-numbness-free cycling for leisure riders, commuters, pack-tourers, road riders, triathletes, time triallers and team competition riders, and we’re now on the look out for interested retailers. Profit margins are excellent and we now have stocks available.”

To find out more contact Kenney at Rido via the site

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