Scheme is valid for three years from date of purchase

Ridley Crash Replacement Scheme now available in the UK

Sportline has announced that the crash replacement scheme offered by Ridley will now be available in the UK too.

Ridley has offered its crash replacement scheme for a number of years, valid for three years from date of purchase. It details that in the unlikely event that a rider is involved in a crash, Ridley can offer a reduced price frame and fork provided that the rider can provide the original proof of purchase.

It comes into play with immediate effect for UK riders and is valid for anyone that has purchased a Ridley bike in the last three years, provided they can provide the original proof of purchase.

“We are all very passionate about the bike," said John Harris, Ridley brand manager at Sportline. "We spend hours in the saddle, spinning our legs, discovering new roads and pushing our limits. The more you ride, the bigger the chance bad luck crosses your path. Of course, no one wants to have an accident but unfortunately, our sport is one that is fraught with risk and these things do happen. We can’t take the element of risk out of riding but to help soften the blow, we can offer our customers a crash replacement, which means that riders can get a fair discount on a new frame.”

Among the latest releases for the brand is the new X-Trail for the incoming Cyclo-cross season.

For more details dealers should contact their Sportline agent or visit

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