Rideguard commits to using 100 per cent recycled materials

RideGuard has committed to the production of its mudguards using 100 per cent recycled plastic waste.

The brand has officially confirmed its intent to scale its business with minimal impact to the environment. 

The brand’s CEO Ben Gaby commented: “The bike industry has a long way to go before it can really live up to the ‘environmentally friendly’ tagline. We’re working to minimise our products’ impact, from sourcing the most eco-friendly materials, involving ourselves in local community activities and encouraging our customers to recycle our products at their end of life.”

Plastic takes between 500-1000 years to breakdown, and without funding for councils and community groups to pick it up, the problem will only escalate.

The government has just announced its plans for a Depost Return System in the fight against plastic, and with customers actively looking for alternatives, RideGuard “hopes to be at the forefront of a change in behaviour in the cycling industry.”

“We’ve been working closely with organisations like Trash Free Trails and Surfers Against Sewage to educate and take action – riders are getting more switched on and change is happening,” said Gaby. 

“Manufacturing locally not only reduces our environmental footprint, it also allows us to have a closer relationship with suppliers. Having a skilled workforce on our doorstep makes R&D and quality checks much easier, plus we can move quickly with new designs.”

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