Ribble boosts e-bike offering and unveils prototype MTB at London Bike Show

Ribble has boosted its e-bike offering with the addition of two new electric bikes – the Hybrid AL e and the CGR AL e.

The bikes are being launched at the London Bike Show, which will also see Sean Yates speaking at the event, courtesy of Ribble.

“It is important for us to make cycling accessible to a wider audience – the introduction and extension of our e-bike series gives more people the opportunity to experience everything cycling can offer with the added benefits of electric power assistance,” stated Andy Smallwood, Ribble Cycles CEO.

“We have used every ounce of our passion and experience to take the Hybrid Range to another level allowing you to re-imagine your ride. Designed just like a high-end bike these smart, superlight, efficient and with easy to use attributes offer scope for anyone to go out and enjoy riding. From city to country and taking full advantage of the environmental, health and general wellbeing benefits that cycling brings to consumers of all ages and across all levels.

“The CGR range is one of our most versatile and popular ranges so it made absolute sense to introduce the electric version. Now existing customers who want to take their ride to the next level or riders new to Ribble who want to experience the joy of riding can all enjoy the benefits a multi-terrain electric bike can deliver.”

Jamie Burrow, head of design at Ribble Cycles, said: “From the onset we wanted to design our electric bike range to look and feel like a high-end bike – our lightweight internal battery system concealed in the downtube allowed us to do just this. Combined with its smart, sleek and considered design, these bikes will allow the rider to perform beyond their expectations – and take full advantage of the technology available to them.”

Ribble Cycles is also unleashing its prototype Hardcore Titanium Hardtail MTB at the London Bike Show. Designed and developed in the UK, it is currently known by its project name, HT/650/Ti.

Smallwood said: “The HT/650/Ti project is completely aligned to the new Ribble brand strategy and further highlights our passion and expertise in product design and R&D. MTB is a new and exciting market for us so it only felt right to start our exploration with a high end hardcore Titanium platform designed by riders for riders.”

Burrow added: “This has been an excellent project to have led. The HT/650/Ti is the result of taking the detailed and very specific product requirements and feedback from riders combined with seeing how far we can push the ride capabilities and attention to detail envelope in Hardtail MTB design. Titanium was the material of choice due to its natural material properties and unique ride characteristics.”

Darren Bishop, Ribble Cycles senior mechanic and MTB specialist, added: “Taking my years of MTB riding and testing experience and being part of the HT/650/Ti project design process, from conceptual idea through to actual full on prototype trail testing has been amazing and has only re-affirmed that the HT/650/Ti project has delivered the bike I want to ride.”

Further information including build options, delivery dates and pricing will be revealed soon.

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