How much can you persuade the average bike commuter to spend on a bike? £350 tops? £800 to the moneys no object, I want the best, give me that Marin brigade? Er, how about £3450?

REVISED: Commuting bike price hike

According to Design Week (26 May) the international product design star Mike Newson has designed a commuting bike for Danish bicycle company Biomega that will retail for a cool £3450.

(Maybe Jon Snow and his ITN salary can afford it but who else? Who cares, think of the margin!)

Design Week says the bike focusses on the aesthetic nature of the machine rather than the technical. However, in this writer’s opinion it doesn’t look anywhere near as good or as sexy as an EP-X and, in fact, looks more like a throwback to a Kirk Precision. And it’s nowhere near as beautiful as a classic diamond frame which has passed the test of time.

The bike is launched next month and when we get details of spec and any UK distribution well pass it on.

All we know so far is that the frame is made using a technique from the aerospace and aviation industry called super plastic forming and is 1.6mm thick (er, like in which parts? Design Week doesn’t say) and weighs 12kg.

Quite why it’s classified as a commuting bike is a mystery: there are no mudguards, no rack and no lights (and, no, Chris Juden of the CTC is NOT standing over my shoulder making me make those points!)

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