Bikeforce members can now access 'Able-2-buy' instant credit decisions for customers

REVISED: BikeForce signs a web-based credit deal for members

BikeForce has negotiated a deal with the finance company Creditenabler, to allow its members to apply for instant credit for their customers. Creditenabler’s Able-2-Buy software, which costs £50 to install, gives customers standing in the shop easy, 30-second credit decisions.

There’s no minimum bike price.

"This system is a great sales tool for Bikeforce members enabling them to sell up and earn more margin at every opportunity," said Bikeforce’s Duncan McCann.

"It will save time, cut out unnecessary paperwork and work out the repayments for the customer automatically. The Able-2-Buy system will give BikeForce members the flexibility to sell a wider range of bikes, from budget to premium priced, and give them that professional edge to their business that will ensure customers will come back time and time again."

CreditEnabler has taken on Welcome’s deals after that company pulled out of the cycle market. The terms are 9 percent on one year interest free loans; 6.7 percent on six month deals; and 3.5 percent on six month deferred payment terms.

IBDs need access to the internet. McCann estimates that 80 percent of Bikeforce’s 97 members are web savvy.

Those IBDs without shop-based internet access can use a fax-through system for three months after which they would need to install a web-enabled computer.

Siwis and are working on till-based integration of the Able-2-Buy software.


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