Eagle-eyed recumbent spotters at this weekend's HPV World Championships in Brighton would have seen a sleek, black recumbent called Rhubarb and Custard. Was it a Cannondale prototype?

Cannondale to bring out a trick ‘bent?

A few years back Cannondale brought out a long wheelbase recumbent. It sucked.

But now Cannondale has got its act together and next year looks set to introduce a medium wheelbase, full-suss beaut of a ‘bent. It has a 20 inch rear wheel and 16 inch front and has Cannondale’s trademark fat aluminium tubes.

Dave Larrington, editor of the British Human Power Club newsletter, said Rhubarb and Custard looked a lot like a BikeE, the recumbent that has sold 15 000+ units in the US.

It’s the baby of Chris Dodman, one of Cannondale’s coterie of engineers. Dodman is British and was formerly the design bod behind many of Middleburn’s creations. He left for the US three years ago.

The unfaired ‘Cannondale’ machine turned heads at this weekend’s HPV World Champs in Brighton, and Dodman also brought across Cannondale clothing to hand out to Championship winners.

There’s no word from Cannondale whether Rhubard and Custard will make it to market as a Cannondale.

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