The new Red Bull Spect bike range

Red Bull Spect release new bike-specific glasses range 

Red Bull Spect has released its latest range of bike-specific glasses, with options across all riding disciplines. 

From mountain bikes to road, Red Bull Spect has unveiled four new models, all with wide field of vision, shatterproof lenses and photochromic options. 

Energy drink giant and Austrian eyewear brand Spect have been working in close collaboration since 2016, offering athlete-focussed glasses and goggles for range of sports, from cycling to skydiving. 

Red Bull Spect Nick

The brands said: “The all-new bike specific range by Red Bull Spect is designed for all types of riding disciplines. Whether you’re attacking steep mountain bike trails or coasting along your favourite roads the four new models are practical, affordable and designed with purpose.


Each of the four new models (Dakota, Daft, Nick & Jayden) benefit from a wide field of vision thanks to the mono shield lens shape. The CAT-3 polycarbonate lenses are robust, shatterproof the offer the perfect mix of UV light protection and sun glare reduction. Red Bull Spect also offer photochromic options.


 “Each model features a TR90 frame which is lightweight, durable and impact resistant, designed to bend not break under pressure. The frame is also rubberised to ensure they don’t slip whilst riding.”


Both the Nick and Jayde are prescription compatible. 

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The four new models are the Dakota, Daft, Nick and Jayden, all designed to be at lower price point than competitors, ranging from €79 for the Dakota model to €139 for the Nick self-tinting version. 

Red Bull Spect is distributed by Austrian brand MPG Eyewear.   

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