Colnago presents new C68 bike

Colnago has announced its new C68 bike.

The launch of the C68 also introduces a new business model, from traditional B2B to omnichannel, with the possibility of purchasing it from the B2C platform, in an initial phase, in some European countries and the United Arab Emirates directly from the Colnago website and app.

Colnago says the key to the project is freedom of choice, with the consumer given the possibility to create their own unique and exclusive C68. There are a host of technical innovations, starting with the introduction of the platform concept, the same philosophy on road bikes – presented today – allroad and gravel bikes, planned for autumn and winter 2022.

Nicola Rosin, Colnago CEO, said: “The model C has always been the icon of Colnago. C68, combining craftsmanship, tradition and technological innovation offers to the market an exclusive bicycle and it’s a great source of pride for me and for the company: C like Colnago, carbon, Cambiago, class.”

The model C is the “classic” Colnago, handmade in Italy. The C68 represents a technological and constructive revolution compared to the previous C models, maintaining the DNA and the concept of the frame assembled in parts, said Colnago.

The C68 is made with a modular structure that is “at the centre of the project and guarantees its excellence.” The number of parts that make up the frame is the same as the previous C series even if, from an aesthetic point of view, the line could be more similar to that of a monocoque frame. The C68 Road will also be available in a limited number version with titanium parts 3D printed in Italy, intended for a more exclusive and technologically oriented public, with the possibility of “tailor-made” construction in addition to the seven standard sizes available.

A new integrated handlebar, called Colnago CC.01, will also be available with the C68 Road. The Colnago CC.01 is made in a single piece completely monocoque, an advantageous choice both for weight saving and for increasing rigidity. This technical choice was developed in the construction phase through a particular combination of molds that allows for four different handlebar width options (370, 390, 410 and 430 mm upper centre-to-centre) along with seven different stem lengths (80, 90 , 100, 110, 120, 130 and 140 mm). 16 different combinations will be available to the market. Other innovations include the new Pressfit T47 bottom bracket standard and the new CeramicSpeed ​​SLT (Solid Lubrication Technology) headset, guaranteed for life, said Colnago.

An NFC tag is installed on the C68 Road, inextricably linked to the frame, which allows access to the information present in the digital passport of the bicycle, whose data is saved in the MyLime blockchain via the Colnago app for iOS/Android smartphones. The basis of this project is the idea of ​​maintaining and guaranteeing the value of the C68 over time, safeguarding the information relating to the bicycle to which the blockchain data is associated in an unequivocal and unalterable way.

Information contained in the blockchain:
– Authenticity of the bicycle
– Proof of ownership of the bicycle
– Certification of the technical specifications of the bicycle as per original purchase
– Unique multimedia contents of the manufacturing phases of the purchased bicycle (starting from the second half of 2022)
– 3D NFT file of the purchased bicycle, associated with the blockchain wallet, with the same fundamental characteristics of the bicycle (model, colour, description and components). There will therefore be a 1: 1 association between the physical asset and its NFT, available only and exclusively for bikes designed on the Colnago app/website. NFT will not be available for stock colours purchased without going through the design process (Colnago Studio)
– Certificate of participation in selected and exclusive official events in which the bicycle will take part (starting from the second half of 2022)

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Colnago is a manufacturer of high-end road-racing bicycles founded near Milano in Cambiago, Italy, in 1954. Among many Colnago victories, 18 Olympic Gold Medals, 63 World Championships, 23 Grand Tours, 40 Classic Monuments, Tadej Pogačar won both the 2020 and 2021 editions of the Tour de France riding Colnago bikes.

Colnago announced that it would integrate blockchain technology into its new bicycles last year, ‘leading the way’ to ensure the validity and proof of ownership of new Colnago frames.

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