Tune in - if you dare - to this video short featuring a man doing something to his bicycle. It's a risqué plug to start Bike Week with a bang. A bike bang.

Ready for a really rude bike-based video viral?

The viral has been placed on YouTube for easy viewing:

VERSION ONE – Contains audio and visual warnings about content and gives away some of the surprise of the graphic ending:


VERSION TWO – The surprise version, with music instead of a plot giveaway:


The 52-second film was produced by Creative Concern and Chief TV for loveyourbike.org, a public awareness communications campaign to get car-driving commuters in Manchester ditching four wheels in favour of two carbon neutral wheels.

Not too sure how it’ll get blokes out of cars but they do say sex sells…

Love Your Bike was launched in March 2006 with an advertising campaign, specifically within Manchester city centre and a three-mile radius outside the targeted area, across 48-sheet billboard sites and more than one hundred bus backs.

Want to add the video to your own site? Go to the YouTube link above and copy the embed code stuff, paste into your website and, hey presto, the video will open right up in your site.

The video viral is also available as part of a series of podcasts, subscribe here:





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