Raleigh launches out-of-home campaign to challenge misconceptions of what a cyclist looks like

British bike brand Raleigh has launched an inclusive and innovative out-of-home campaign, aiming to challenge people’s misconceptions of what a cyclist looks like and champions the idea that anyone can be a cyclist.

The campaign, titled ‘I’m a Cyclist’, is running in London, Nottingham, Sheffield and Birmingham. It aims to break down the stereotypes around cycling, showcasing that anyone can be a cyclist and that cycling is becoming increasingly more accessible for many.

To create an impactful message, Raleigh has featured a range of real-life people with different occupations, ages, ethnic backgrounds, and styles, exploring a realistic breadth of what a cyclist might look like and highlighting how people from all walks of life can benefit from riding a bike.

The brand has also adapted the style of Capture verification, where you interactively mark all of the traffic lights or trees in a gridded square. This iconography has been amplified to appear on gridded motion-enabled billboards.

A variety of people, instead of traffic lights, are displayed on the billboards and the public is asked to ‘select all of the cyclists’. Raleigh said this challenges the stereotypical perceptions of a cyclist and ensures more riders feel represented. The motion graphics lead to the conclusion that there is no definitive image or look of a cyclist.

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Raleigh said it has made it its mission to encourage everyone to embrace cycling as an alternative mode of transportation, whether that’s for the school run, commute, grocery shopping or simply leisure.

The creative for the ‘I’m a Cyclist’ campaign considers the idea that there is a disconnect between what people think when they hear the word ‘cyclist’ and what the actual majority of riders look like. For more information on Raleigh and its products, visit raleigh.co.uk.

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