Licensed BMX inspired clothing for babies and toddlers

Rad Like Dad clothing line launches

Tessa Bischoff, alongside BMX husband and founder of Failure Bikes Matt Bischoff, has launched Rad Like Dad – a clothing brand for babies and toddlers, inspired by adult BMX gear.

Working alongside industry ramp builder Nate Wessell and wife Ashlee, the four are licensing designs from big industry brands, then going on to reproduce clothing sporting classic designs and current catalogue reprints.

Tessa Bischoff said of the venture: "Rad Like Dad is an online store that sells children’s BMX clothing, bikes and accessories. We are proud to offer exclusively licensed BMX clothing that have never been available to infants and toddlers before. We hold licenses with over 15 major BMX brands including S&M, Fit, Odyssey, The Shadow Conspiracy, Sunday, Subrosa, Failure, Kink, Standard, Snafu and more to be announced soon. We also carry products from Etnies, Strider, TSG, ZUM, and more.

"We knew we didn’t want to just make just any BMX shirt, we want parents to be able to put the same exact brands that they love and support on their children. So we began reaching out to brands and shared our passion with them. They were eager to jump on board and support our vision. We began securing exclusive rights to clothing for many of the popular bmx brands. Realizing we didn’t want to do this alone, we reached out to our great friends Nate and Ashlee Wessel. We shared our vision with them and they were excited to jump on board as business partners to help make the dream a reality.”

Find Rad Like Dad on Facebook and Twitter.

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