Handcycles and semi-recumbent tricycles will be available for test riding at Peterborough event

Quest 88 heading to the Mobility Roadshow

Quest 88 is bringing its extensive range of adult and paediatric cycles to stand B10 at the Mobility Roadshow, taking place later this month.

Quest 88 offers a large range of inclusive cycles in the UK, with models for children and adults with additional needs. In recent years the company has built upon its own range of paediatric tricycles for children with cerebral palsy, adding purpose-built companion cycles for people of all abilities from Draisin. TopEnd’s handcycles have been added to the portfolio.

Visitors to the Mobility Roadshow will have the opportunity to test out various models in the outside test area at the Peterborough Arena, running from June 21st to 23rd.

“We are delighted to once again be exhibiting at the Mobility Roadshow as the event presents a great opportunity for us to showcase our cycles and demonstrate that cycling can be enjoyed by everybody regardless of their disability," commented managing director Robert Henshaw. "Everyone has the chance to test products at the show, making it a great experience for anyone wanting to learn more about the Quest 88 range and find out what product is best for them.”

The Quest 88 stand will feature the popular fixed wheel tricycle Colt, suitable for children between around four and seven years of age (maximum weight 45kg). The fixed drive design means that as the pedals rotate the drive wheel rotates and visa-versa creating momentum that assists with pedalling, an exercise beneficial to children with low muscle tone and strength.

The Panther, a large split frame tricycle, will be on show too, designed to be extremely stable and robust and is suitable for children aged between around 7 and 12 years of age with a maximum user weight of 65kg. The frame of the Panther ensures the user maintains a good posture and pedalling action which is vital as part of any ongoing therapy.

Following a trend of semi-recumbent tricycles becoming more popular, the Relaxino has been designed to be stable and manoeuvred intuitively and is ideal for people with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, balance impairment or for amputees. Steering is operated by two handles or can be adapted to allow steering via the upper body or thighs while the low centre of gravity safeguards against overturning and enhances handling. It features seven gears which the rider can select using a twist grip mechanism and there are several gearing options to choose from including a reverse gear. An electric motor is also available, as well as two lengths of vehicle.

Quest 88 will be showcasing the Excelerator and Li’l Excelerator hadncycles, both of which are touted as extremely manoeuvrable and very easy to transfer in and out of and with a 7-speed Shimano hub and reverse breaking system so hands need never leave the pedals.

Finally, the Shopi tricycle follows the T bike principle and has two wheels at the front and one at the rear of the vehicle. An electric motor is available for the Shopi and there will be an example on display to try out.

Quest 88 members of staff will be on hand throughout the event to answer any questions and provide expert advice, as well as book assessments and demos for after the show. There’s plenty more information on Quest 88 via www.quest88.com or call 0845 604 7258.

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