Promech Ltd., the new 14-bay training provider for UK cycle technicians, inducted its first trainees today. Within a year, members of the ACT will be able to use staff with CyTech certificates as a means to gain 'stars' in the ACT's new IBD benchmarking scheme. IBDs with the best trained staff - and other metrics - achieve CyTech 5-star status. Lose a key cycle technician, and you could lose a CyTech star.

Promech’s £60k ‘training centre for the industry’ opens in Aylesbury

Alan Finch is pathologically passionate about bikes and the bike industry. He’s one of six directors of Promech Ltd., which this week officially opened its 3000-sq ft training facility on an industrial estate in Aylesbury.

All of the six Promech directors have either been employees of, or assessors to, the Aylesbury Training Group but Finch doesn’t want there to be bad blood between the two training organisations:

"We would like to have a working relationship with them," said Finch.

And Finch doesn’t believe there will be any long-term confusion between the aims and methods of Promech and ATG.

"The difference between the two organisations is content. Much of the ATG offering is not bike-trade related. Most IBDs want pure cycle mechanic training, they ain’t worried about ‘key skills’."

Promech – part owned by the ACT – offers three CyTech branded courses: CyTech 1, 2 and 3.

CyTech 1 is the basic course, suitable for trade newbies, cycle-retailing corporates and individuals looking to get their first basic qualififaction as a would-be cycle mechanic.

CyTech 3 is the IBD-specific programme and involves eight days of hands-on, brand-based training plus a day of at-work assessment. Tech topics covered include suspension systems, hydraulic brake systems, and high-end bike builds.

From start to finish, a mechanic can be put through the Promech mill in 20 days.

The full course – there are assessed short-cuts for old-hands – costs £1905 plus VAT. For ACT members and Shimano Service Centres the total is £1605.

Whilst only offering cycle technician training right now, Finch – and the ACT – want the CyTech brand name to be extended to a Promech/CyTech three-level retail sales training certification course. This could start early in 2004 and would be CyTech A, B, and C.

More details, and pix, in the September issue of BicycleBusiness.

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