BikeBiz speaks with B&W's Andy Greensmith on what makes a decent bike box and the benefits of athlete support

PROFILE: B&W on rising popularity of taking bikes on holiday

What’s the most popular item from the current B&W bike box and case line-up?
The most popular item in the range is the bike box BH96910, but the folding bike box BH96006 is also selling very well. 

Are there any new products or improvements in the new range?
There is a new version of the bike bag BH96200. This has a hard base, internal frame to secure your bike to. The wheel padded wheel bags are attached to the padded sides. Also they now produce single and double wheel bags for 29-inch wheels.

And what price points does the range now cover? Is there something for everyone?
The pricing is very competitive. The cases and bags offer the protective qualities and more features than even the most expensive cases and bags on the market, for half the price. We have never heard of a bike being transported in one of our B&W cases that has been damaged in any way during its journey. Even when customers have seen the case being literally thrown around by airport baggage handlers!

What goes into protecting a bike in transit? Is there more to it than simply using tough materials?
To make sure your bike is protected in transit, it is about using the right materials, but also the design, to make sure the bike is held securely inside the case or bag. Additional protective features like the anti-shock frame in the bike case and bike bag, fork spacers and chain guard in the bike box, securing straps and padded wheel bags are all key factors.

Junior GB Triathletes have been using the bike boxes from B&W – does that kind of endorsement help highlight how good the range is? Do you see a sales uplift?
Junior GB Triathletes using the bike boxes does help, as they all see what each other is using, chat together, but then main sales uplift probably comes from single users and teams seeing the cases and boxes at airports. These can be individuals going winter training who just do cycling or triathlons for fun or the athletes that compete at the highest levels.

How can dealers get in touch?
Dealers can get in touch via the brand website on the contacts page, or they can contact me directly

Any final messages?
Travelling with your own bike is becoming far more popular, rather than hiring. Whether it is a touring holiday or training, taking your own bike means you are riding the machine you know and trust with the correct set up for you. Using a B&W bike case or bag means it will get there safely.

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