The PowerBar Performance Caffeinated Raspberry & Cream is marketed as for "cyclists to eat during the demanding stages of the Tour de France." And, presumably, mere mortals in need of an energy kick...

Powerbar creates new bar; contains caffeine

This bar is said by Powerbar to be "unprecedented ". It contains Acticaf, a patented blend of natural fibres combined with caffeine.

"It’s indispensable for cyclists in the Tour de France to remain highly alert throughout every moment of each leg of the race," said a statement from Powerbar Inc.

"Even a minor cycling error can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! How do cyclists ensure that their alertness never wanes during ten long hours of extreme athletic effort?"

There’s a wisecrack answer to this leading statement but the drug that Powerbar is referring to in perfectly legal.

"Athletes and coaches have long known that caffeine can enhance athletic performance. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system. The advantage of this effect for athletes is that caffeine can delay the onset of symptoms associated with mental fatigue. Caffeine shortens reaction times and can help an athlete to avoid the coordination problems that tiredness can cause.

"There’s also evidence indicating that caffeine stimulates the burning of fat, thereby reducing the burden on the body’s glycogen reserves. This is particularly important for athletes who are active in endurance

sports. The disadvantages of pure caffeine (for example, from a cup of coffee) are that it’s absorbed too fast and its effects wear off too quickly.

"That’s why PowerBar developed "ActiCafTM." This patented blend of roughage (dietary fiber) and caffeine (derived from the guarana plant) causes the caffeine to be absorbed by the body more slowly. Slower absorption means that the caffeine can act longer and increase the mind’s ability to stay alert for a long time."

The new bar will be shipped in mid-June.

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