Rapha cycle clothing will become available on 1st July and will retail from www.rapha.cc and a select bunch of bike shops. Owner Simon Mottram said road riders should not have to compromise between performance and style. "Rapha performance roadwear goes beyond simple function," he said.

Classy cycle togs to be launched by start-up

According to Mottram, Rapha products "bring new standards of design to cycling clothing. They have been conceived by road riders, working with leading technical sportswear designers. Every detail has been developed with the rider in mind. Every material has been chosen because it is the best in the world at its job."

Photos are greyed out on the Rapha website, which went live yesterday, but they will be fleshed out in May and June.

The ranges includes a Sportwool jersey; a breathable, windproof cap; an updated musette ("The design of the Rapha musette nods to the past, but its magnetic closures, buckles, messenger stability strap and waterproof Epic fabric make it an essential contemporary performance product,") and a 1950s style Merino wool shirt. There’s also a softshell, semi-waterproof breathable nylon jacket, and a ‘vintage collection’ of recreated old jerseys, caps and original copies of Miroir Sprint, signed photographs, toys and promotional material.

"Each will give the road racing enthusiast a unique chance to own a piece of road racing history."

All Rapha products come with a a lifetime guarantee, says the company website.

Oh, and the website also includes a fine essay about pain by Graeme Fife, author of ‘Inside the peleton’.


Tel: 07979 597807

Email us: enquries@rapha.cc


Rapha Racing Ltd.

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